Off-Road Truck Lights and Other Accessories

If you own a pickup truck or an SUV and you want to make it more capable on the trails, you might not know just where to start. There are just so many products available that it can make your head spin.

But we can help point you in the right direction as we have assembled a sweet list of accessories and upgrades you can make to tame the trails.

Off-Road Truck Lights

Extra lighting is essential when you go off-road driving. There is just no way your stock headlights are going to cut it during the day in shady areas and certainly not at night after the sun goes down.

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Hi-Lift Jack

If there is one little item that every off-roader needs for sure, that would be a hi-lift jack. You can put money down on a bet that states you will get high-centered or stuck at some point in your off-roading adventures. And when it happens, you will be glad you brought a hi-lift jack with you.

There are other uses for this jack as well. While you may not get stuck on an outing, you could get a flat tire or need to make a repair or adjustments underneath your vehicle. If so, this jack will have your truck up in the air and ready for any repairs in no time.

Off-Road Tires

This one is really a no-brainer. You cannot expect to take your truck off-road and have a successful outing without the right kind of tires.

There are a number of options when it comes to off-road tires. There are tires you can get that are strictly for off-road use, these are for the hardcore group of off-roaders. You can also get tires that can be used on both the street and the trails. If you aren’t hitting terrain that is too rough and tough, these will probably suffice.

Fire Extinguisher

Many local governments require off-road vehicles to have a fire extinguisher. But even if it isn't a law in your state or county, it is a good idea to have one anyway. After all, the last thing you want to do is start a major forest fire.

Air Compressor

The easiest way to add traction to your ride while scaling through tough trails is to drop the air pressure in your ties. Of course, when you are done driving the trails and want to go home, you will need to add air to your tires. This is why you need an air compressor.


If you like to go off-roading fairly frequently, odds are you will wind up needing to make repairs. And in order to make any necessary repairs, you will need a set of tools. You don’t have to bring along your 2,400-piece set of Craftsman tools, a small set with all of the common tools should suffice.

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