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The remote strobe controller is an inline strobe unit. Which means you simply put the box in line with the lights you want to strobe. The trick is it must be after the switch, after the relay, after the fuse and just before the light(s). Her is a quick diagram that should clear up any questions.


Install time:
HIDs 30-60 mins per set. Requires harness and in most cases a resister pack. (Professional install recommended)
LEDs 5-10 mins per set. No bulky harness and only in some cases needs a resister pack on “mopar” vehicles.

HIDs 2 years on bulbs
LEDs Limited lifetime on full kit

HIDs Approx 1000 lumens
LEDs 1800-2200 lumens and 15-20% wider and longer views than HIDs

HIDs $70-$85 per kit
LEDs $125-$140 per kit

HIDs Not 50 state on-road legal
LEDs 50 state road use legal

HIDs Shades include 3k-yellow tint 4300-white, 6k- light blue tint, 8k blue tint. As the k ( kelvins) go higher, the dimmer the bulb gets. Also the color is what makes it easy for law officials to spot HID equipped vehicles.
LEDs 6k equivalent. Crisp white and matches LED light bars, cubes, etc.

Life span:
HIDs. 2,500-4,000 hours
LEDs. 20,000-25,000 hours.

To pick up a set of HID bulbs, LED bulbs or a complete headlight conversion- check out our custom lighting store!! Custom Offsets Custom Lighting Store

The problem/solution to this issue is the relay. A new one can be purchased at Autozone for $5. You would need a 40 amp relay.


Because all light bars have fins for cooling, all makes and brands have a chance to whistle at highway speed, but I have great news! You can almost completely eliminate this howling or screeching noise. Better news, it will cost you less than $10 and 15 minutes. The entire noise is coming from the wind whipping past the cooling blades on the back of your new LED light bar. Though you need air to move around and past your light bar for cooling, you don’t need so much you can’t hear your stereo!

Go to any local hardware store and purchase a door seal kit. You are NOT looking for the foam surrounds, but rather the rubber flap (about 1 to 1.5″ wide) that goes on the bottom of the door. Here are the ones we have had great success using (once installed you can hardly see them so we typically use the brown version).

White (you will need 2):


Brown (you will need 2):


Or pick a pair up over at home depot



Be sure to get the version with the tape vs the nail on! You will obviously need 2 as they are 36″ long and your light is about 50″. We install them by putting them between the first and second blades on the top of the light bar, nearest the windshield. Simply install the first 36″ strip to the light bar then measure and cut the second strip. Be sure that you match the uncut edge to the other strip to create a clean look at the joint, the cut end will hide better up against the end of the light bar.

These strip will GREATLY reduce, if not completely eliminate the noise! Better yet it’s less than $10, 15 minutes, and you can hardly see it.

Check back on this one often we will keep adding pics of different temperature lights and styles of light bars and beam angles as we get more pics.

Here you see the 6k temp HID head light bulbs and ballasts in action, then the CURVED 50″ CBAR, and our 50″ straight LED light bar.


This is the 50″ straight bar at highway speeds!


Stock headlights on a newer Ford F150, then flipping on our 20″ LED light bar.


Our Gen2 Cube lights in a FLOOD beam:


Same Gen2 Cube lights in a Spot Beam:


TIP 1: Have a professional install your HID kit.

TIP 2: Ensure dirt, oil, and other contaminates do not come in contact with the bulbs. NEVER touch the HID bulb, always wear clean gloves when handling.

TIP3: Remember that HID bulbs need to ‘burn in’. When you first fire the bulb leave it on for a full 10 minutes to properly burn in the bulb.

TIP4: HID bulbs do not like to be turned on, then quickly off, then back on. If you have day light driving lights that turn on when you turn the ignition, then off at start up, then on again once started – you will want to spend the $20 on eBay and purchase a relay harness designed for your vehicle to preserve your HID bulbs.

Again we encourage our customers to seek professional installation and accept no responsibility for product or vehicle damage if this advice is ignored.

Here are some helpful diagrams or our HID systems.



One of the most common issues is flipping the plug on the ballast or accidentally connecting the wrong wires. HIDs only work if the positive and negative are exactly correct. Some times the best thing to try is flipping the plug on the ballast.

Please remember we recommend professional installation for best results.

OffroadLEDbars keeps the process very simple and consumer friendly. Our goal is not to sell you one light bar but to be your go-to for all custom lighting and more. We want to be a part of this round of your custom vehicle work and many more to come. We are a very personable business and aim to wow our customers.

Below is the more technical, flyer version of the warranty.

Basically it covers the original buyer on any manufacturing defects. If for some reason your light were to fail we would replace the light at no charge and cover the shipping back to you.

Here are some specifics of what’s in or out.
1) Light must be not be tampered with. (Unless we have authorized in writing and attempted to help you with a simple mechanical fix.)
2) Customer pays for return shipping and we ship replacement.
3) We cover diode failures, lens breakage, water retention, and any other mechanical failures.
4) Please note: We do NOT cover bolts rusting.


6) Lights MUST be returned in OEM packaging


ALL OLB products come with a limited lifetime warranty excluding HIDs (1 year)



The actual length is 1.5″ more for the whole light, beyond the advertised length. With the standard mounting feet attached the overall length is 2.5″ more than advertised length.

For example, the 40″ light bar is actually 41.5″ in length without the mounting feet and 42.5″ in length with the mounting feet.

The width of the 6″, 12″, 20″, 30″, 40″ and 50″ light bars is 2 3/8″ wide for the outside dimensions.

Yes, lights need to be wired in parallel. Which means positives together and negatives together. Each harness is able to handle 300 Watts, simply add the wattage of each bar and do not exceed this limit.


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