Who we are!

Who are we?

I started OffroadLEDbars back in 2012 when a great friend of mine asked me to help him find lighting for his truck that was built very well but didn't cost a TON of money. That task turned out to be very hard. It was either go to Ebay and get cheap Chinese made lights or go to Rigid and pay an arm and a leg just to see at night. We couldn't see why people should have to pay inflated prices of lighting just so large companies can pay their racers to run products!

It was at that time that I said to myself; Shoot why don't I just do it myself!  So that's what I did. The first 8 OLB lights went to my  friend Marios. Then his other friends wanted some, and then others. From there the lights took on the reputation of quality, strength, and were backed by someone who truly cares about others needs. From day 1 we backed them all with our Industry leading Lifetime Warranty and continue to do so today!

I realized then that EVERYONE has the right to see well at night and be safe! Its from that realization that OffroadLEDbars was born.

Keith Kroll

OffroadLEDbars CEO and Operator 


The first lights we ever made