Benefits of becoming an OLB Licensed Dealer:

Welcome to OffroadLedBars (OLB) group of Authorized Resellers! Please review some of the key highlights below:


Wholesale price list will be provided once forms are submitted. The list will be updated quarterly with new items and/or any price changes. You will automatically be issued a new copy as soon as it’s available.

Set Pricing

If products are being offered for sale publicly, advertised price must be equal to that of OLB, not lower or higher. When quoting a customer privately, you are welcome to quote at your discretion.

Selling online


Product listings

If you intend on creating product listings for our products on your website, we will gladly provide access to a full gallery of high-res images and a copy of our product descriptions for your advertising purposes.

Drop Shipping

Drop ship orders are available for our re-sellers, simply call us, e-mail in the order list and let us take care of the rest. We can even include your business cards, brochure, or catalogue if provided. Whether it’s a group buy or single order, our professional team can easily handle your order fulfillment.

General Benefits

As a known affiliate, you will be listed on our site(s) as another trusted source for quality OLB products.


Compared to retail, you will save a considerable amount on our popular line of Lights, mounts, HIDs, and all our future products.

No MOQ's

Whether you need one item or ten, ordering from OLB means you’re not subject to MOQ's to earn a price break. Even if it’s just one item there will be savings, though the best break comes in bulk.


Our products use the latest and best materials on the market and therefore keeps us ahead of the competition.

Warranties & Service

A limited life time warranty is available through OLB directly. Though some restrictions apply. Our warranty covers the original buyer (your customer) on any manufacturing defects. If for some reason your light were to fail we would replace the light at no charge and cover the shipping back to you. All warrantable products from OLB will come with a bar code and/or id tag on the wire side of our lights. Should this tag or barcode be tampered with, all warranty will be voided. As a retailer you would be responsible for brokering the return of the product and we will take it from there.

Our goal at OLB is to keep the process very simple and consumer friendly. Our goal is not to sell you one light bar but to be your go-to for all custom lighting and more. We want to be a part of this round of your custom vehicle work and many more to come. We are a very personable business and aim to wow our customers.

Here are some specifics of what’s in or out.

  1. Light must be not be tampered with. (Unless we have authorized in writing and attempted to help you with a simple mechanical fix.)
  2. Customer must send the code on the white tag on the cord.
  3. Customer pays for return shipping and we ship replacement.
  4. We cover diode failures, lens breakage, water retention, and any other mechanical failures.
  5. Please note: We do NOT cover bolts rusting or fading of paint finish. As these are ware and tear items.
  6. There is a one time start up fee of $149 and you get 1 - 2'x8' OLB Vinyl Banner, 40 - 12" OLB white vinyl decals, and 250 personalized OLB retailer business cards with your own shop name and address with your new wholesale account.

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