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2017 -2019 Ford F-250 LED headlights high low beam



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Product Description

High and low beam LED headlights for your 2017 2018 2019 F250 F350 Truck

Kit contains

2-H13 LED headlight kits 



Certificate: CE, CCC


1 Kit Package includes:


2x High Power LED CREE Bulbs 


2x LED drivers



Installation manual 


Warranty: Limited life time warranty on all Cree bulbs and drivers. You must email us at with photos of your bad bulb, a copy of your purchase receipt, and then once cleared you must send your old bulb back to us so we recommend you keep your old bulbs as a back up.




Item Specifics & Feature:


Power input: 12V-24V vehicles


Material: Aluminum




Color: Xenon White 6000K-6500K


Power: 30W each bulb


High Beam Lumens: 3000 each bulb 




Beam Angle: 360•


Lifespan: > 30,000 Hours


Low Voltage Protection, Constant Current Driver Chip


Great for ANY Application


Prevents Voltage Variations & Spikes


Uses 60% less power 


Easy Plug and Play Installation


 Please be sure to choose the correct bulb for your vehicle. OLB will not be responsible for incorrect bulb choices. 




Legal for road use in all 50 States!Due to the nature of the newer vehicles and there on board computers we highly recommend adding the optional resistor packs to all 2013-2015 Dodge and Jeep products. Each vehicle takes LEDs in different ways, some are more finicky than other. Adding a resistor pack will fix issues such as intermittent light output, dimming, flickering and flashing. We highly, highly recommend them for any make and model Dodge/Jeep!! If you would like to order and purchase the resistor packs at a different date you may do so. Please note not all bulbs require them! Resistor packs can be purchased via the drop down in this ad!To protect your vehicle and your warranty on OLB products, we recommend and require Professional Installation of all Offroad LED Bars products. For this reason, installation instructions and support are not yet available


I love my OLBs!

I love my OLBs! I drive a lot at night and before getting my LED headlights I would always be afraid of hitting a deer. Now I see them coming with plenty of time. The deer and I thank you.

- David T

Far brighter

I use my lights on our construction site and they are far brighter than what the machinery manufacturer gives us. These help keep us safe and productive.

- Steve B

Without our OLBs we would not be able to do the job we do!

I am a fire house supervisor and we use OffroadLEDbars 4x6 and 7x6 LED headlights on all the apparatuses, OLB cubes for reverse lights, and 5.5 work lights as search/scene lighting. Without our OLBs we would not be able to do the job we do!

- Travis L