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H11 LED resistor/ error code canceller





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Product Description

This item is for one Set (2 Pieces) Relay harness with Dual Resistors. This Resistor kit is can be used for both HID or LED Bulbs. It has easy plug and play pre-wire socket with both high beam and low beam error bypass load resistors.


This relay wiring kit solve computer error warning encountered during the installation. It also help the following problems: One light out in cold weather and where trouble is experienced with Auto-on systems. Eliminate HID Bulb Flickering cause by vehicle's computer not recognizing low wattage HID kit.?Fix random shut-offs, and works for many DRL (Daytime running light) systems.


Features & Specs:


- Heavy Duty Relay Harness.
- Dual Resistor for High Low Beam
- Solve Error code, flickering, random shut off
- Works with both HID & LED Bulbs
- Easy to install, just plug and play
- High Quality Guaranteed
- Input Voltage: DC 12V


Warning?- Load Resistor will get extremely hot, please mount them onto metal area or hot resistant area to prevent damage to the vehicle. DO NOT mount on plastic.


I love my OLBs!

I love my OLBs! I drive a lot at night and before getting my LED headlights I would always be afraid of hitting a deer. Now I see them coming with plenty of time. The deer and I thank you.

- David T

Far brighter

I use my lights on our construction site and they are far brighter than what the machinery manufacturer gives us. These help keep us safe and productive.

- Steve B

Without our OLBs we would not be able to do the job we do!

I am a fire house supervisor and we use OffroadLEDbars 4x6 and 7x6 LED headlights on all the apparatuses, OLB cubes for reverse lights, and 5.5 work lights as search/scene lighting. Without our OLBs we would not be able to do the job we do!

- Travis L